Wednesday, September 23, 2009

What the heck are you listening to?

As some of you may have noticed, my status updates have been filled
with song quotes and references to what I'm listening to.
Even back on Wednesday when all of my updates where in Klingon, I was
playfully translating lyrics.

But what in the world am I listening to?

Way back in the day, Dad and I downloaded a whole lot of .mp3s onto
the family PC.

A lot. Trust me.

So many, in fact, that we crashed it. (Well there were DS9 episodes too...)

So My Mother bought some blank CD-Rs and burnt all of the .mp3s to disk.
That's right, not as music CDs, but as straight .mp3 files.

I happened to get my hands on these CDs the other day, and as my car
CD player accepts .mp3s, I've been listening to them.
I'd say there's between 145 and 200 songs on each disk. And there are
at least 20 disks.

That's at least 2,900 songs. (yes, I did pull out the calculator...)

Now, like I said, there were two people involved in the downloads.
(which were perfectly legal at the time, thank you very much).
So I've been skipping the weird stuff that my dad listens to, and
focusing on my music.

Now, the files were burnt mostly in alphabetical order by file name.
So, we have 3,000 songs mostly listed alphabetically by artist
spanning over SEVERAL decades.
That makes for some funny transitions.

Rob Zombie and Rod Stewart for example.
Godsmack to God's Army Soundtrack.

and so on...

And I'll go back to my eclectic music collection now.

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