Sunday, October 26, 2008

I Have A Son!

Baby Boy Roney
(name coming soon)

10/25/08 7:27a EDT {HovpoH 708209.7}

8lbs 1oz (3662gms) {1.61 cheb}

21 1/4" (54.61cm) {1.57 'uj}

Mom & baby are doing well.
They'll probably be going home Monday afternoon.

To see my hospital updates, visit

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Accepting the Inevitable

Ever since I lost my status as an "only child", I have learned, the hard way, that things don't last. They break. Especially Legos and ceramics...

I shall spare you the details of all of the things I've made which have met a bitter end, suffice it to say, they're numerous.

I moved away from my siblings several years ago, but it seems my posesions are still in danger.

This afternoon, it was discovered that the ceramic otter I made in 1st Grade had been smashed.
It appears that wood boards had been piled on top of it-and things on the boards. The pressure was just too much.

Various explainations/excuses were given, but I'm 99% sure that I'm the one who not only put it there, but later piled objects atop it (including myself).

I've been in a somber mood since I saw the wreckage. I always thought that this one would last-it's a wall hanging-away from little hands.

I don't have much left, and sadly, it'll all end up demolished. I shall enjoy them all while I can.

May my otter rest in peace, and may I forgive my children when they find my things.

What Are You Talking About?

So I spend a fair amount of time listening to the radio while I work, and on occasion I've been known to listen to various radio shows. And of course there are DJs that I like better than others.
But they all have one thing in common: they all talk about "facts" and stereotypes on the differences between men and women--and they don't make sense.

Tonight I heard the DJ ask callers why women are always cold and men are always hot. What? My wife is the one who keeps turning on the fans. I'm the one always complaining about the cold. She makes *way* more body heat than I do. I mean just by looking at us you can tell that she's hotter ;-)

And last week he asked why women have better memories than men.
They do? First I've heard about it. While I'll admit my memory isn't as sharp as it could be, my wife's is definataly worse. She uses the phrase "mommy brain". She will readily admit to not being able to remember.

(The next topic has been censored-sorry)

Every now and then I'll catch a piece of dating advice from an "expert" or a caller will have a question, and I will have absolutly no clue what they're referring to.
For instance, the DJ was talking about something called the rubberband something or other, and how guys react and then how girls react. And after listening long enough, I realized that I had experienced the topic-at-hand IN REVERSE! A g/f had done it to me, but the conversation was about guys doing it to girls.

The world is a very strange place, I don't understand how people live out there.

Back to my rock...

Monday, October 13, 2008

Climbing the Corporate Ladder

So I'm thinking about applying for a new job, well a promotion actually. I'm going to apply for the open CEO position.
Now instead of going about this the more "traditional" route, I'm going to do the following:

I'm going to, for the most part, stop doing my current job-but of course expect them to keep paying me. This will show my high work ethic.

Even though the company has a debt problem, I'm going to spend thousands of donated dollars to promote my image because this will show my wise use of funds.

Instead of taking the higher road, I will spread rumors (based in fact, but spun in a negative light) about anyone also applying for the job. This will show off my high moral standards.

Since I will be doing so much traveling and speaking to promote my image, I will not be getting much sleep, and will be prone to an abnormal number of slips of the tounge. No matter what I say, I will find a way out of it.
Anything I say is subject to retraction. This of course allows me to gauge public reaction without having to commit to anything. This way I can try to please the largest group possible.

I'm sure by now you have noticed that I'm not talking about myself, but Presidential candidates.
Are there any other industries where such practices are accepted?
I think not.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Oh, and by the way...

In order to give the best blog expierience to my readers, I have created two new blogs.

Blog posts about my daughter, will be on "her" blog at
For some reason it was labled as SPAM, so I can't currently post to it. I have submitted it for review.

Second, all posts about my KKS translation project will be at

That leaves this blog for my random ramblings and musings.


Wednesday, October 8, 2008


I was going to post this to Ireland's own blog at , but it's still under review as possible SPAM. I have no idea why the one post up there so far would catch the attention of a bot.

It may end up there after everything gets cleared up.

So several months ago, people began asking if Ireland had a "lazy eye". We hadn't noticed anything ourselves, but when we looked, we saw that one of her eyes was "drifting".
Her pediatrician recomended a specialist (who knows how to check little eyes who can't read letters off a chart).

Her appointment was today at 9:30.
We waited in the appropriatly named waiting room for a good hour, and then saw the Dr.
He used some animal toys and a prism to check her eyes. Then came those dreaded drops.
It takes 30 minutes to dialate a child's eye, so it was back to the waiting room.
As the drops took effect, she got more and more fussy.
Eventually they checked her again & wrote her a prescription for glasses.

Yes, my 23 month-old daughter has to wear glasses.

It turns out her eye was trying to focus, and that's why it's not "straight". The glasses will help her focus without straining her eyes.

They had an on-sight glasses shop (which sells *small* frames) & we picked out a cute pair. They should be ready in about a week.

So, we shall see how she adjusts to this change in lifestyle.
Sadly, when she got her papa's eyes, it wasn't just the color.