Monday, October 13, 2008

Climbing the Corporate Ladder

So I'm thinking about applying for a new job, well a promotion actually. I'm going to apply for the open CEO position.
Now instead of going about this the more "traditional" route, I'm going to do the following:

I'm going to, for the most part, stop doing my current job-but of course expect them to keep paying me. This will show my high work ethic.

Even though the company has a debt problem, I'm going to spend thousands of donated dollars to promote my image because this will show my wise use of funds.

Instead of taking the higher road, I will spread rumors (based in fact, but spun in a negative light) about anyone also applying for the job. This will show off my high moral standards.

Since I will be doing so much traveling and speaking to promote my image, I will not be getting much sleep, and will be prone to an abnormal number of slips of the tounge. No matter what I say, I will find a way out of it.
Anything I say is subject to retraction. This of course allows me to gauge public reaction without having to commit to anything. This way I can try to please the largest group possible.

I'm sure by now you have noticed that I'm not talking about myself, but Presidential candidates.
Are there any other industries where such practices are accepted?
I think not.

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