Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Should bank robbers smile?

Recently here in Indiana the BMV (think "DPS", they're weird here...) changed the rules for drivers license pictures.
The changes include no longer being able to wear scarves, hats, and glasses in your DL photo. You're also not allowed to smile.
Yes, Indiana is tired of being a happy state. Smiles are now illeagal.
Clark Kent is advised to avoid Indiana, as he'd be Superman without his glasses.
Apparently they're rolling out some new face recognition software, and smiles and accesories confuse it.
Wait, the software gets confused when you SMILE?
That's some sensative program.
And hats and glasses?
I take my glasses off for three things: sleeping and showering. If you see me, I'm wearing glasses.

So let's say I want to rob a bank. The BMV has my picture. Who cares? I'll just wear a hat, my glasses, and a *REALLY* big smile.
They'll have no idea who I am...

Sometimes, there is no "right thing" to say

So the other night, after being awake for 24+ hours, I go to work.
On my way there, they ask me to stop at Walgreens.
I agree.
OT on my way to work? Sure.

They made it sound close, and ready.

I eventually find Walgreens. I had to pass a different Walgreens to get there.
It wasn't close. The stuff to pick up wasn't ready.
I was waiting for a while.
They eventually give me *two* orders, and I'm free to go.
(I may have picked up a case of Dr Pepper while I was there...)

When I finally get back to the pharm, I give the dispatcher the two orders.
She realizes that I brought back more than what she sent me for and quickly calls another driver to tell him not to go to Walgreens.


You mean she had someone else on the way? Then why send me? Now I'm late for my route!

So I load up my car and proceed with my day. Night.
My first stop likes me there at 9. 9:30 is pushing it. She gets off at 10.

It's about 9:40 and I have a 15 minute drive.

Not good.

I fully realize that she's going to be upset. She wants to go home. I'm bringing her work.

So what do you say?

Do I mention that I'm *still* awake from the previous night?

No, that makes it sound like I'm late due to being sleepy.

Do I tell her about the stat?

No, she doesn't want to hear about that--it'll just make her more upset.

That's it! I'll say, "You don't want to know." when I walk in.

No, that puts the focus on ME and my troubles. I'm causing HER trouble. I'll say "I know...". That shows empathy towards what SHE is going through. Let's her know I care.

So I get there. It's almost 10. I rush in.
"I know..." I say.
"No, you *DON'T* know. I have a bus to catch." she snaps.

Whoa! Don't bite MY head off. I didn't choose to be late. I didn't send me to Walgreens. I'm trying to empathize with you hear.

I didn't say anthing else.
There was nothing I *could* say.

In this situation, there was no right thing to say. It was all wrong.

What Decade Are We In Again?

It's 2009. It's the *LAST* year in this decade.
Next year, we'll be in the 10's. The last decade was the 90's.
This is the 00's.
Wait, the "Zeros"?


For the past nine years, I have yet to hear a decent term for the current decade.
I used to listen to one of those "mix" stations towards the end of the 90's.
"We play the 70's, 80's, and 90's."
I wondered what they would say when 2000 hit.
Stations across the country took the easy way out: "We play the 80's, 90's, and Today."

Today? Really? Is that the best you could do?

Well, your laziness might have saved you nine years ago, but what are you going to do in 2010? What are any of us going to do?

What are we going to call this ten-year span?

My friend Tym suggest "The Naughties". From "naught" as in 'none'. It probably won't catch on, but it's better than those people who say "The 2000's".

'Cause that's specific...

Saturday, January 17, 2009

wejDIch Wednesday #tlh #kli

Starting this upcoming Wednesday, I shall be observing "wejDIch Wednesday". wejDIch Wednesday happens the 3rd Wednesday of each month. For 24 hours, I'll post all of my social network updates in Klingon.
This both gives me an excuse to speak Klingon, and gives me good practice with the language (plus it's just plain fun!).
Feel free to join in with your own Klingon posts. Even if you can't dedicate the whole day, do what you can to build your skill with the language.
All of my posts should contain the hashtag "#tlh". This will make them easily searchable on http://twitter.search.com .
"tlh" is the html language code for tlhIngan Hol (the Klingon language).
You may also see "#kli" pop up now and then, this marks posts about Klingons, but not necessarily *in* Klingon.
I've invited others to "attend", and at least @qurgh and I will be participating.
Hopefully next month will see a larger following.

taHjaj wo'!

Thursday, January 8, 2009


So I'm fiddling with some blocks today while playing with my daughter, and I discovered that if I use 4 of the same shape, I can make a bigger version of that shape.

I had successfully done this with 5 different shapes, when I got to the yellow hectagon.

It didn't work.

The triangle, square, and diamonds worked. Even the red one worked (what's it called?). But the yellow shape, wouldn't do the trick.

I thought I had discovered some secret "rule of four". After all, I was taught to scientifically prove something, you have to do it 3 times and get the same results. I had FIVE positive tests, and ONE negative.

I'm just glad I did that sixth test before making a fool out of myself ;-)

But why won't it work?
Is there some mathamatical formula or rule?

Friday, January 2, 2009

Test Post

Sorry, I really hated to do this, but I allready did all of the theoretical updates, and had to try it out in the real world.
Hope I didn't bother you too much, the next post should be better.