Saturday, January 17, 2009

wejDIch Wednesday #tlh #kli

Starting this upcoming Wednesday, I shall be observing "wejDIch Wednesday". wejDIch Wednesday happens the 3rd Wednesday of each month. For 24 hours, I'll post all of my social network updates in Klingon.
This both gives me an excuse to speak Klingon, and gives me good practice with the language (plus it's just plain fun!).
Feel free to join in with your own Klingon posts. Even if you can't dedicate the whole day, do what you can to build your skill with the language.
All of my posts should contain the hashtag "#tlh". This will make them easily searchable on .
"tlh" is the html language code for tlhIngan Hol (the Klingon language).
You may also see "#kli" pop up now and then, this marks posts about Klingons, but not necessarily *in* Klingon.
I've invited others to "attend", and at least @qurgh and I will be participating.
Hopefully next month will see a larger following.

taHjaj wo'!

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