Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Sugar? Sugar. Sugar!

To clarify and expound on my recent status update.

I was just medically discharged from my job.

I seem to have a problem keeping my blood sugar level up.

Yesterday, with a simple test, they were able to see that my "monthly blood sugar average" is 2.

2 what? I don't know.
But that's low. Really low.

Today I was informed that I can't drive a big truck (Oh, I'm a trucker. Or at least I was) with this blood sugar problem.

And so they let me go.

I'll be seeing a Doctor tomorrow to figure out what's up with my blood.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Best Buy Mobile on webOS

So I found this "Best Buy Mobile Guide to Mobile Phone Apps" pamphlet at my dad's house.
And, naturally, I flipped through until I found webOS.

I found the page labeled "Operating Sytem Overview: Which OS is right for you?"

I skimmed past RIM, Android, Windows Mobile, and found webOS (right above Symbian).

This is what Best Buy has to say:

webOS is comparable to the Linx OS for computers. It is belovved by many Palm users, who appreciate its synergy with multiple information sources, over-the-air updates and its touchscreen-specific graphic interface.

Ah, "beloved by many Palm users". Yes, webOS is certainly beloved.
A very powerful fan base. So powerful, in fact, that we're a feature of the OS.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I'm a size 0

On the last day of trucking school, we all got company T-shirts.

They went around the room and asked everyone for their shirt size.



4, no 5


Everyone tossed out a number of X's.

XXL, XL, …

The instructor didn't miss a beat calling out names and marking responses.

Until he got to me.

Large, I said.

He paused.

He looked up at me.

He seemed confused.

And eventually marked his paper and moved on.

I was the only Large in the room.

No X's.

I wear a size 0.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

More on Trucking

Yesterday, I graduated from trucking school with a 96!


So, now what?

Now that I have my CDL and am done with school, I need to get some on-the-job training.

Today is my first day as an employee (not student) of Stevens Transport.

As early as today, I will be assigned to a trainer and their truck.

Then for (at least) 35 days, I will be traveling all over the US and maybe even Canada learning the ways of the road warrior.

((Bring on the foursquare mayorships! ;-) ))

After that, I'll come back to Dallas for a few days. ((Ah, paperwork…))

I don't know what day I leave, or who I'll be stuck with.
I just hope my developer phone arrives before I ship out.