Friday, December 10, 2010

Sure, that's my phone...

So I was on the Palm site today looking at the Palm Pre 2.
My son was on the lap and asked me if the picture on the screen was my phone.
Normally when pictures of Pre's show up, I agree that it is my phone.

But how can I tell him that my Sprint Pre is the same as the Pre 2 in the picture?

So I told him that it wasn't my phone; it was the Pre 2.

"It's the pre too?"


So I decided to show him the differences and picked up my Pre from the desk.
Skipping over OS versions and processor speeds, I tried to keep it simple.

See? Mine has a circle button. That one has a white line.

And without missing a beat, he pointed over my Pre Plus sitting on the Touchstone.

"It has a white line too!"