Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Opening scene for Star Trek XII - My idea

[Ext. Space]

We open to an empty starfield.
The camera slowly moves to show a object in the distance.
An ancient space ship looms into view.
As the ship approaches, the camera majestically circles and then focuses on the words "SS Botany Bay" emblazoned on the hull as the music begins to swell.

[Int. Botany Bay]

The camera explores the ship showing numerous humans in cryogenic sleep.
Focusing in one of the "pods", we pause on the face of their leader.
The camera slowly pulls out to reveal a plaque labeled "Khan" as the music reaches it's zenith.

[Ext. Botany Bay]

The camera pulls away from the Botany Bay as a D-7 Klingon ship swoops into view.

Disruptor fire screaches out of the D-7 causing the Botany Bay to real.

A few shots later and it's destroyed.

[Int. D-7]

The smooth-headed face of Kor fills the screen as the music reaches its true climax.

Fade to black.

Roll opening credits.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A Small Linguistic World

Last week I was contacted by a University in Russia to translate some text into Klingon.

Apparently they are going to give said texts to students without telling them what language it is and see if they can translate it.

Sadly, they sent me the message through LinkedIn and I wasn't notified of the message.

By the time I replied, they had already moved on with the project.

Yesterday (and then again just now), I got a message from a student at a Russian university who was given some text that they recognized as Klingon to translate.

Wow, small world.

They provided me with the image you see above.

It's not the ideal text to use, in my opinion.

After checking with others, it turns out that it's an attempt at a Jabberwocky translation. http://t.co/SXzLqGI
(thanks to loghaD for finding it)

So far I've been contacted by two students. We'll see who else needs help.