Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Case of the Missing EDK

As I reported via Brightkite a few days ago, one of the units of one of the Homes that I visit was missing their Emergency Drug Kit.

For this particular unit, we do the exchange inside their medroom. I looked through the window into the medroom to see if the kit had been used, and I didn't see it on the shelf. I assumed that meant it had been used and was still out.
When the nurse and I entered the medroom I did a quick scan and still didn't see it.
I told the nurse that I didn't immediatly see their EDK, assuming she would point right out.
She didn't see it either. She searched the room-it was gone.
She alerted the other nurse who began searching records and making calls. I held onto the new kit tightly-marking it as "mine".

By the time I left the floor, they still hadn't found it.

When I showed up the next day, it had been decided that one of the drivers had mistakingly taken the kit (as opposed to one of their staff).

There are two types of drivers: route and stat.
I'm a route driver. I go to the same 6 places every night. I'm normally the only one handling EDKs. Stat drivers bring them on ocasion.

So the stat drivers would have no reason to touch the EDKs-normally.

Which means *I* am the likely suspect!

Now, these EDKs come in varying sizes, but on a normal night, I have one in my hand 'cause it won't fit on my dolly full of stuff.
So if I have a dolly in one hand, and an EDK in the other, where does the extra EDK go?

Nope, I didn't take it. And even if I did, my trunk can't hold an extra EDK. And even if it could, they count them when I get back to the pharm.

Later that night they sent an EDK so that the facility would have one.

Two days later, I show up and they have TWO. The nurses don't know exactly where it came from or where it had been. But "found" it was.

FWIW, the nurses didn't think anyone would steal it because it doesn't have a street value. Really, it doesn't.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Add Me!

I've decided to put links to my main social networks all in one place. It's as much for my benifet as anyone else's.

Just keep in mind that I do all of this from my cell-so give me a break with certain things.

If for some reason you think that I'm not social enough and I need to join your network-let me know.






(my site, not a network, but hey...) http://www.angelfire.com/tx4/purpleelaphants/

I had an account with Orkut, but it was deleted earlier today. Since I mostly ignored it, I'll leave it that way.

TIPS: Some of you may wish to follow me via SMS. that's fine, that's how I'll follow you.
Note, however, that I check-in EVERYWHERE with brightkite. Well, not the bank, or my actual home address.
Brightkite forwards my notes and photos (but not check-ins) to twitter. Twitter then forwards to facebook.

This blog is forwarded to facebook where it becomes a "note", and twitterfeed is kind enough to post a link to twitter.


What is STUPH?

The other day, my wife told me that my blog posts reminded her of STUPH.

What is STUPH?

STUPH is a book that I wrote back in high school. It's a collection of "informative papers" or satiracle essays.
What was it about? Stuff.
I'd randomly pick a topic and write a paper about it. Much like this blog. I pick a topic that came up and write.

Yes, this blog and my book have much in common. This is why I am reformating this blog as "STUPH 2.0".
Don't think of this as a sequal (the sequal was "THYNGS"), think of it as STUPH for the 21st Century, STUPH: the ongoing story.

Not sure how much will change besides the title, but we'll see.
(My other blogs should remain unaffected)

So in true STUPH fashion, Have a happy tomorrow! ('cause today allready sucks)