Monday, December 8, 2008

What is STUPH?

The other day, my wife told me that my blog posts reminded her of STUPH.

What is STUPH?

STUPH is a book that I wrote back in high school. It's a collection of "informative papers" or satiracle essays.
What was it about? Stuff.
I'd randomly pick a topic and write a paper about it. Much like this blog. I pick a topic that came up and write.

Yes, this blog and my book have much in common. This is why I am reformating this blog as "STUPH 2.0".
Don't think of this as a sequal (the sequal was "THYNGS"), think of it as STUPH for the 21st Century, STUPH: the ongoing story.

Not sure how much will change besides the title, but we'll see.
(My other blogs should remain unaffected)

So in true STUPH fashion, Have a happy tomorrow! ('cause today allready sucks)

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