Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Sugar? Sugar. Sugar!

To clarify and expound on my recent status update.

I was just medically discharged from my job.

I seem to have a problem keeping my blood sugar level up.

Yesterday, with a simple test, they were able to see that my "monthly blood sugar average" is 2.

2 what? I don't know.
But that's low. Really low.

Today I was informed that I can't drive a big truck (Oh, I'm a trucker. Or at least I was) with this blood sugar problem.

And so they let me go.

I'll be seeing a Doctor tomorrow to figure out what's up with my blood.


qurgh lungqIj said...

That sucks big time. Especially after all the work you've put into the training.

I hope the Doc can do something. It seems like a crappy reason to fire someone anyway.

Aaron said...

Hopefully the doctors can get this figured out for you. If you get this controlled medically, can they rehire you?

Aaron said...

Are they worried about you possibly passing out? That's really tough. I hope the Docs can help you manage it!

Best wishes man.