Sunday, October 17, 2010

Best Buy Mobile on webOS

So I found this "Best Buy Mobile Guide to Mobile Phone Apps" pamphlet at my dad's house.
And, naturally, I flipped through until I found webOS.

I found the page labeled "Operating Sytem Overview: Which OS is right for you?"

I skimmed past RIM, Android, Windows Mobile, and found webOS (right above Symbian).

This is what Best Buy has to say:

webOS is comparable to the Linx OS for computers. It is belovved by many Palm users, who appreciate its synergy with multiple information sources, over-the-air updates and its touchscreen-specific graphic interface.

Ah, "beloved by many Palm users". Yes, webOS is certainly beloved.
A very powerful fan base. So powerful, in fact, that we're a feature of the OS.

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