Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Sometimes, there is no "right thing" to say

So the other night, after being awake for 24+ hours, I go to work.
On my way there, they ask me to stop at Walgreens.
I agree.
OT on my way to work? Sure.

They made it sound close, and ready.

I eventually find Walgreens. I had to pass a different Walgreens to get there.
It wasn't close. The stuff to pick up wasn't ready.
I was waiting for a while.
They eventually give me *two* orders, and I'm free to go.
(I may have picked up a case of Dr Pepper while I was there...)

When I finally get back to the pharm, I give the dispatcher the two orders.
She realizes that I brought back more than what she sent me for and quickly calls another driver to tell him not to go to Walgreens.


You mean she had someone else on the way? Then why send me? Now I'm late for my route!

So I load up my car and proceed with my day. Night.
My first stop likes me there at 9. 9:30 is pushing it. She gets off at 10.

It's about 9:40 and I have a 15 minute drive.

Not good.

I fully realize that she's going to be upset. She wants to go home. I'm bringing her work.

So what do you say?

Do I mention that I'm *still* awake from the previous night?

No, that makes it sound like I'm late due to being sleepy.

Do I tell her about the stat?

No, she doesn't want to hear about that--it'll just make her more upset.

That's it! I'll say, "You don't want to know." when I walk in.

No, that puts the focus on ME and my troubles. I'm causing HER trouble. I'll say "I know...". That shows empathy towards what SHE is going through. Let's her know I care.

So I get there. It's almost 10. I rush in.
"I know..." I say.
"No, you *DON'T* know. I have a bus to catch." she snaps.

Whoa! Don't bite MY head off. I didn't choose to be late. I didn't send me to Walgreens. I'm trying to empathize with you hear.

I didn't say anthing else.
There was nothing I *could* say.

In this situation, there was no right thing to say. It was all wrong.

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