Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Should bank robbers smile?

Recently here in Indiana the BMV (think "DPS", they're weird here...) changed the rules for drivers license pictures.
The changes include no longer being able to wear scarves, hats, and glasses in your DL photo. You're also not allowed to smile.
Yes, Indiana is tired of being a happy state. Smiles are now illeagal.
Clark Kent is advised to avoid Indiana, as he'd be Superman without his glasses.
Apparently they're rolling out some new face recognition software, and smiles and accesories confuse it.
Wait, the software gets confused when you SMILE?
That's some sensative program.
And hats and glasses?
I take my glasses off for three things: sleeping and showering. If you see me, I'm wearing glasses.

So let's say I want to rob a bank. The BMV has my picture. Who cares? I'll just wear a hat, my glasses, and a *REALLY* big smile.
They'll have no idea who I am...

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