Wednesday, October 15, 2008

What Are You Talking About?

So I spend a fair amount of time listening to the radio while I work, and on occasion I've been known to listen to various radio shows. And of course there are DJs that I like better than others.
But they all have one thing in common: they all talk about "facts" and stereotypes on the differences between men and women--and they don't make sense.

Tonight I heard the DJ ask callers why women are always cold and men are always hot. What? My wife is the one who keeps turning on the fans. I'm the one always complaining about the cold. She makes *way* more body heat than I do. I mean just by looking at us you can tell that she's hotter ;-)

And last week he asked why women have better memories than men.
They do? First I've heard about it. While I'll admit my memory isn't as sharp as it could be, my wife's is definataly worse. She uses the phrase "mommy brain". She will readily admit to not being able to remember.

(The next topic has been censored-sorry)

Every now and then I'll catch a piece of dating advice from an "expert" or a caller will have a question, and I will have absolutly no clue what they're referring to.
For instance, the DJ was talking about something called the rubberband something or other, and how guys react and then how girls react. And after listening long enough, I realized that I had experienced the topic-at-hand IN REVERSE! A g/f had done it to me, but the conversation was about guys doing it to girls.

The world is a very strange place, I don't understand how people live out there.

Back to my rock...

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