Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Accepting the Inevitable

Ever since I lost my status as an "only child", I have learned, the hard way, that things don't last. They break. Especially Legos and ceramics...

I shall spare you the details of all of the things I've made which have met a bitter end, suffice it to say, they're numerous.

I moved away from my siblings several years ago, but it seems my posesions are still in danger.

This afternoon, it was discovered that the ceramic otter I made in 1st Grade had been smashed.
It appears that wood boards had been piled on top of it-and things on the boards. The pressure was just too much.

Various explainations/excuses were given, but I'm 99% sure that I'm the one who not only put it there, but later piled objects atop it (including myself).

I've been in a somber mood since I saw the wreckage. I always thought that this one would last-it's a wall hanging-away from little hands.

I don't have much left, and sadly, it'll all end up demolished. I shall enjoy them all while I can.

May my otter rest in peace, and may I forgive my children when they find my things.

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