Wednesday, October 8, 2008


I was going to post this to Ireland's own blog at , but it's still under review as possible SPAM. I have no idea why the one post up there so far would catch the attention of a bot.

It may end up there after everything gets cleared up.

So several months ago, people began asking if Ireland had a "lazy eye". We hadn't noticed anything ourselves, but when we looked, we saw that one of her eyes was "drifting".
Her pediatrician recomended a specialist (who knows how to check little eyes who can't read letters off a chart).

Her appointment was today at 9:30.
We waited in the appropriatly named waiting room for a good hour, and then saw the Dr.
He used some animal toys and a prism to check her eyes. Then came those dreaded drops.
It takes 30 minutes to dialate a child's eye, so it was back to the waiting room.
As the drops took effect, she got more and more fussy.
Eventually they checked her again & wrote her a prescription for glasses.

Yes, my 23 month-old daughter has to wear glasses.

It turns out her eye was trying to focus, and that's why it's not "straight". The glasses will help her focus without straining her eyes.

They had an on-sight glasses shop (which sells *small* frames) & we picked out a cute pair. They should be ready in about a week.

So, we shall see how she adjusts to this change in lifestyle.
Sadly, when she got her papa's eyes, it wasn't just the color.

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Alex said...

When I was about 2-1/2 I had to get glasses - I have *2* lazy eyes.

My parents had NO problem getting me to wear my glasses - it was getting me to NOT wear them that was a problem ;-)