Sunday, September 28, 2008

Funny, funny

So, as many of you know, I'm a courier. It just so happens that I curry pharmacuticals from a pharmacy to various nursing homes.
Anyway, I have a set route-I go to the same 6 stops each night.
Two nights ago, after my car was loaded up & I was ready to go-they told me they had one more thing for my second stop.
So a pharmacist lady came out with a bag & was about to give it to me when she decided to ask me when I'd be getting to Franklin.
"About 10"
This was apparently not acceprable because she not only didn't give me the bag-she *took* an entire tote off my hands!
Said they needed the meds there fast.
Fast? It's my *second* stop-the stat driver will beat me by what, 20 minutes?

So since I drop of 9 totes to stop 2, and they only took 1 of them off my hands, I wondered when the stat driver had shown up-he hadn't. And they *really* wanted the meds.
He arrived a good 45 minutes after me-turns out it was his second stop too!

Funny, funny.

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