Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Networking Socially

The other day, I was talking to my good friend Tym, and Twitter and other services came up.
That conversation prompted this post.

Back in the day, I signed up for MySpace. At the time, I was very impressed. It allowed me to reconnect with friends I'd lost contact with-very impressive indeed.
But the "profile pages" are a little too customizable, and more often than not, they become loaded full of high-content images and videos.
Later, I signed up for Facebook.
I'll admit that the only reason I signed up for fb was to "steal" pictures from her albums.
Later, I discovered different people on fb than were on ms. So for a while, I used both.
Eventually, I added text messages to my Sprint account, and added fb mobile to my life.
When we moved to Indiana, we didn't have much internet access at first, and when we did, it was usually dial-up.
Ms pages on dial-up don't work. But fb does.
Between the fb mobile, and the dial-up accesability, ms usage almost died.
With an unlimited texting plan, I can receive ALL of my friends status updates to my phone, update my status, send/recieve wall posts & messages.
I'm also notified about friend requests and mobile photo uploads (which I can see through my data plan).
Ms has since given me the ability to be *notified* when someone sends messages and such, but I must then go on-line to see what it was.
I really enjoyed being able to update my fb status whenever and whereever I wanted, especially when I started my courier job, and was all over the state.
During this time, I discovered Twitter.
While *I* was able to send/recive status updates, and know what my friends were up to, my friends weren't. In my opinion, I had some pretty clever updates that almost no one saw.
And why would they have any reason to hunt down my previous updates?
If only there was some way to post updates, and have my friends be able to see all of them.
Behold Twitter.
The intire service is about 140 character updates in answer to the question, "What are you doing?".
There's no fancy distractions, just updates.
And you can get them any way you want: via the web, through SMS (TXT) on your phone, IM, mobile web, or any number of 3rd party apps.
Finally a way for my friends and I to stay in better contact.
But no one has accepted my invitation to join :(
But I found a way to forward my tweets to my fb status to share with whoever is on-line, and people do see them, at times.
As mentioned, I became a courier. I travelled all over this small state.
I wanted a way to share my travels, let people know where I am.
Enter brightkite.
With bk, I can "check-in" almost anywhere I want.
All of my bk friends are notified when I check-in, post notes, and post photos.
When I check-in somewhere, I can use the mobile site to see previous posts by others.
If I check-in at a resteraunt and see a post about bad service, I might think twice about about going in.
Problem? No one accepted my invivtes to this one either.
However, I have it set-up to forward to twitter, which of course forwards to facebook.
I'm not aware of anyone (besides my wife) getting my fb updates on their phone.
I have made several tweeps (twitter peeps), but I only *know* my wife and her brother and sister.
I have hopes that I'll find a way to send/recive updates with my friends-but I don't think they're update kind of people.
Bit I still enjoy posting them nonetheless, to be read by whoever might be out there.

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