Saturday, September 27, 2008


So as I understand it, it's easier to invent & process audio than video.
This is why we had radio and *then* television. Why we had Compact Discs before we had Digital Video Discs.
Again, from my understanding, a DVD is a fancy CD burnt with a more finely tuned laser. Supposedly, if you burn a CD with a DVD burner, it'll be slightly better.

So I ask you: Where are the HD CDs? Or the Blu-CDs?
We have HDTV & HDradio. So apparently I want my media in high-definition.
Why is noone making high-def CDs to go with my HDradio?

Because the CD is dieing, that's why. With everyone buying .mp3s, there is less of a need to re-invent the wheel. If I like a song, I tag it with iTunes tagging on my HDradio, and my iPod tells iTunes to buy it-for $1.
People will gladly spend a dollar.
Who wants to buy a CD for 1 song? I've done it WAY too many times myself.
So you buy the songs you want-stick them on your iPod and take them with you-no bulky CD case.
And if you want, you can burn your own CD.

Yes, my friend, the CD is going to fade away-oh it'll be a while-less high-tech folks are still buying them, but don't expect them to last much longer.