Sunday, September 14, 2008

FREE* Kittehs

So around July of 2004 my wife of 3mo & I were checking the mail at our apartment complex. It was one of those group mail centers where everyone has a little box & a little key.
Anyway, up on the wall was a sign offering free kittens & an apartment number.
My wife wanted to go and look.
At this time in my life, I didn't realize that "look" has the meaning of "get, obtain, take home".
So we went to 'look' at the kittens.
My wife instantly fell in love with a little female tortise shell. We were informed that she was litter-box trained and even got a cat box w/ scoop, food/water dish and litter and food.
The whole walk back to our unit, she kept telling the cat that she loved her. Women aparently love very easily...
So now we have a cat, do you know what happens when you have a cat? You pay $300 to your apartment complex.
We then had to pay a Vet another good $300 to shoot her (I wish I could...) so that she was "legal" for the complex.
Oh, and apparently we got the broken one, so we had to get her fixed.
And of course all the cat food and litter...

Wife just estimated we spent a good $1000 on the "free" cat in the 1st year.
It's now been 4 years.

So back when my wife was trying to convince ne that she needed a cat, she did what the stereotypical TV kid does, and promised to take care of it, feed it, and clean up after it.

If only I followed the comparison out at the time, I'd've realized that the father-guy ends up doing a good part of that...

So it turns out that pregnant/nursing women can't clean a litter-box. It'll kill them or something.
I was not informed of this back when we got the cat.
My wife has been pregnant/nursing since February 14, 2006. It's now September 14, 2008.
That is a *LONG* time for one man to be cleaning up after someone else's cat.
(yes, she has helped a few times)

I'll spare you the stories about being attacked in my sleep, and simply say that the cat and I have learned to toleraye each other-to a degree.

What brings this up?
Last night, while I was making a drop, an LPN offered me a FREE* kitteh.
Needless to say, I turned it down. Firmly, absolutely, and twice.

No more.

FWIW, tI'qa' is 1/4 bobcat & has fangs and claws...

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Timothy said...

We have a cat. Enough said.