Saturday, February 20, 2010

How my Prē really impressed me yesterday

Thursday evening, I Doctored (think "reformatted") my Pre.
Don't worry, there was nothing wrong with it. I had my reasons.

Problem is, I think I told my Pre that it was a Pixi. Not recommended.

I couldn't get my Pre to boot. I couldn't get webOS Doctor to recognize the device to reformat it again.


Eventually, I managed to get the phone working.

I still wasn't sure if my Pre knew what it was, so I Doctored it again Friday morning.

About this time, I realized that the home internet was down. Nice.

I needed that internet.

Since my Pre was nice and fresh, I didn't have any of my fancy homebrew stuff on it. Like a tethering program.

I didn't even have Preware. (Preware is what I use to install all of my homebrew apps, patches, and themes.)

Now, I normally use webOSQuickInstall (on my laptop) to install Preware, but it has to download it first.

No internet, no download.


I had the files and patches for FreeTether on my laptop.

But I needed other things installed for WOSQI to do modding.


I recalled that there was another way to install it Preware.

I googled "Preware", downloaded a .jar file onto my Pre.
Moved it to my desktop via USB.
And then ran the installer.

Then I used Preware to install the two needed packages on my Pre, WOSQI was then able to patch my Pre for tethering, 

and then my laptop was on-line.

Complicated? Only a bit. And only because I started with a fresh Pre and a laptop without internet.

Impressive? Most definatley.
Like I just said, I started with a fresh Pre and no home internet.

Check out for Preware and Homebrew

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