Saturday, August 7, 2010

Australian Coke and Waco Dr Pepper

I drink Dr Pepper.

It's good stuff.

And if you read your can of this good stuff, it'll say "Plano, TX" on the side.

That's where I grew up.

Last month, I went to Australia on business. I couldn't find Dr Pepper anywhere.

For most of the week, I drank water.
And I never drink water.

I tried drinking Coke, but something tasted... off.

I found out that they don't use corn syrup down under; they use sugar.

Huh. I've had Dr Pepper made with sugar several times. This Coke should taste better than this.

It didn't.

And I just found out why.

After returning to the States and drowning myself in Dr Pepper; I came across the last two cases of "Made with Real Sugar" Dr Pepper in my local Walmart.


But something was... off.

It tasted almost like that Australian Coke.

The "off-ness" wore off and I really enjoyed my 24 cans.

I eventually studied the can long enough to realize that the words "Imperial" and "cane" were not present.

The reason that both sodas didn't taste like the nectar of the gods was because they failed to use Imperial® cane sugar.
They used some other sugar instead.

So between the random sugar-of-choice, and my unfamiliarity with Coke; the combination was almost un-palatable.

Then I opened my first can of corn syrup Dr Pepper less than an hour ago.

What the heck is this stuff‽

If Imperial® cane sugar is the good stuff, then "Real Sugar" must be mid-grade.

Which leaves corn syrup as the cheap stuff.

Which it is. And that's why we use it.

As I take another sip from my soda, I realize that my taste buds have some adjusting to do...

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