Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Florida High School Refuses to Retract Child Pornography

Early one morning 17-yearold high school student Jane Doe (names of minors are protected under the law) got dressed for school. It wasn't just *any* day, it was yearbook picture day. She had planned ahead and knew just the skirt to wear. She also planned not to wear anything underneath.

She decided that the best way to avoid her panty line showing was to just go without. Noone would notice.
But when it cane time for her club picture, she was placed in the front row. Sitting down.

She did her best to keep her legs together, but when she got ahold of her yearbook, she noticed something: you could tell.

Yes, according to Jane Doe and her mother, you can see Janes private parts in the yearbook. Other students tend to agree.

Jane has stopped going to school out of embarasment.

Jane and Mrs. Doe have asked (demanded?) that the school collect all of the yearbooks, stop giving yearbooks out, and republish sans the offending picture.

Seems reasonable.

The schoolboard has refuesed.

They claim that every picture goes through an approval process before inclusion in the yearbook and that you can not see Jane's privates in the picture.

"It's a shadow."

They seem to be very strongly convinced that they are in the right, and the yearbooks will remain unchanged. They're even trying to tell the local media to drop the story--because there isn't one.

Jane and mom are still upset.

I can see both parties points of view.

Jane knows that she "went commando" to school that day. Therefore she probably looked a little harded at the picture. She feels, and therefore her mother feels, that she has been exposed and embarresed in front of the entire school.

Having naked pictures of yourself floating around is never good.

The school knows that it will be *VERY* expensive to collect and republish the yearbooks all because one girl made a blunder. Of course they don't /want/ to do it.

The shadow? The moment they admit that Jane is right, and that her vagina is showing, they *MUST* remove the pic.
If Jane is right, then the school has published indecent pictures of a minor. The school is guilty of selling and distributing child pornography to minors and adults.

I wouldn't want to be on that school board.

It would cost A LOT to ensure that EVERY yearbook was collected and destroyed. Find the negatives and destroy them.

And what happens when someone refuses?

The safest course for the school is to deny that a problem exists. Meanwhile, hundreds of students have access to one very embarasing and highly illeagal picture.

Anyone of them could be charged with posetion. All it takes is one call...

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