Monday, June 22, 2009


"X" is often overlooked as a letter. It's almost at the end of the alphabet, and it doesn't start many common words.

In fact, the only thing that x "is for" would be "xylophone" and "X-ray". And I don't remember the last xylophone I saw, let alone played.

But as ignored as it is, we sure do use it a lot.

X can mean "kiss"

X is the number 10

X marks the spot

X is one of two choices in tic-tac-to

X is where you sign your name

Heck, "X" could be how you sign your name

X can replace parts of words (x-ing)

XXX means porn

XXX is also the name of an action-packed movie.

The X Games



Make a mistake? X is out.

Have a choice to make? X marks the one you want.

An X with a skull on top can mean "pirate" or "poison"

Yes, it's small, it's simple. But boy is it powerful and diverse. And it's worth 8 points in Scrabble

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