Thursday, January 7, 2010

Is there something wrong with being a straight, white, male?

Next month is February. It's "Black History Month". Not that long ago I was hearing about "Hispanic Heritage Month". It seems that almost every ethnicity has some special time set aside for them; unless you're white. Apparently there's something wrong with having a lack of pigmentation in your skin that makes people not want to talk about you. And if you do try to brag about yourself or others of a similar complexion, you're suddenly racist.

A while back, a friend of mine was getting ready for a Gay Pride Parade (or something...).
The term "gay pride" is tossed around quite a bit. I've never heard anyone say "straight pride" though. I'm assuming if I organized a parade in downtown Indy about "straight rights" and "straight pride", I'd have a lot of angry people on my case. I'd be viewed in a very negative light.
(I don't really understand the whole "gay pride parade" in the first place. I really don't need to know about your bedroom practices. And parading them in public? Really?
Maybe I'll march down the street with a sign that says that I like vaginæ (the plural of "vagina"). Or "I Breasts".)

I hear lots of radio spots for "girl power" and such. Stressing the importance of being female, and the power that comes from being around other people who don't have a Y chromosome. Go girls!

While I have nothing against homosexuals, "people of colour", or females, I wonder what it is about our society that doesn't want to embrace being heterosexual, white, and male. (Oh, and Facebook deleted the "White Pride Isn't Hate" [or whatever it was called] group because it was racist. A few more have popped up though.)


Disclaimer: I was sick all day yesterday, and I'm still not feeling so hot. Forgive me for my ramblings.

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