Saturday, July 17, 2010

Austrailia on a Dollar

Early January 2002, my friends and I walk into a Half-Price Bookstore.

In a small display, I found the audio cassette Conversational Klingon on clearence for one dollar.

"Wow! I can learn Klingon for a dollar!"

My friends and I proceeded to practically choke ourselves on the way home attempting to pronounce  [Q].

Flash forward eight years.

I just got back from Austrailia after supervising a recording of a Klingon translation that I completed for Jenolan Caves.

That was the best dollar I ever spent.

As I have the time, and as the mood hits, I shall record my expieriences abroad.

There were three cameras involved in the trip--I don't currently have any pictures of me. So I'll have to go back and add them as they come in.

As I am still (back) on my social network-free diet, please post all comments and questions on my blog, not on facebook or twitter.

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yIH'a'na' said...

batlh <> Dacharghta'! DoHa' DaqtaghlI' nge'lu', 'ach tugh nuHlI' ghajqa'!