Sunday, November 2, 2008

Thin Mints

Ever since my sister stopped being a Girl Scout, I've had the hardest time tracking down cookies.
I don't even know when Girl Scout Cookie "season" is.
I've been waiting for that knock on my door for years now. But guess what I found out last year--they don't go door-to-door anymore.

What?! Then how do I get my Thin Mints???

It turns out they sell them on Saturday mornings in front of grocery stores. But of course you have to know which mornings to be at which store.
I don't do my normal shopping during that time frame.
Thankfully last year my sister-in-law was able to get me a box. I was also able to get some Thin Mints ice cream-yum!
But that all happened at the very end of the season. I want to be able to buy several boxes.

Guess what I discovered a few days ago.

Yep. An entire site about our cookie friends complete with a ZIP code based cookie season locator-so you can know when your local troop is selling.

If only my internet connection would load the page...

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