Friday, March 6, 2009

Can I Move Your Comment?

So I belong to more social networks than I know what to do with.
This is why Ihave so much automation and forwarding going on.
My Brightkite forwards to Twitter which forwards to Facebook.
This blog is imported into Facebook as a "note", and a status is posted to Twitter (which goes to Facebook).
You may have noticed that MySpace gets ignored.

My photos are another story all together.

But let's say you like what I have to say. Depending on what network you're on will depend on how you reply. It'll also affect which comments you see.

If I make a post on Brightkite, someone might comment on brightkite.

The same update could get me an @reply or a RT on Twitter.

And then I could get a comment or a "like" on Facebook.

But even though I've received all of this praise, it's spread too thin.
I want to be able to scoop up all of the comments into one place.

(The same goes for this blog post. Chances are, I'll get an @reply on Twitter that my blog readers won't see that my facebook friends won't see, which will be lost in a sea of tweets.)

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