Friday, April 10, 2009

Kroger *refused* to sell me Hannah Montana cupcakes

Today is opening day for "Hannah Montana the Movie", so it makes since that when I went to Kroger earlier, their bakery had Hannah Montana cupcakes.

Why was I buying cupcakes?

Well, back on December 31st, I had a birthday. I got TWO flat tires. The second one was on the way to an extra run that Desiree the Dispatcher had convinced me to take. She felt bad, so she bought me a birthday cake.

It turns out that today is Desiree's birthday, so to return the favor, I went across the street to Kroger to see what their bakery had.

Entering the store was a challenge.
When I go to Walmart, they have a Greeter welcome me in. No matter when you go, there's a Greeter.

Not only did Kroger not have a Human welcome me, they barricaded the entryway with shopping carts making me fight my way through the check-out lanes just to get into the store. How hospitable.

I figured that cupcakes would be best. Otherwise I'd have to provide forks, plates, and the like.

They had a rather poor selection.

When I had left the pharmacy, there was a large group of drivers waiting around. Bringing back a 4- or 6-pack of cupcakes wouldn't work.

The *only* cupcake tray I saw was the one pictured. A small cake surrounded with cupcakes, decorated Hannah Montana style.

So I took the tray to the checkout. Only the SelfCheck was open (I hate checking myself out).

When I went to scan the tray, there was no beep.
Turns out there was no barcode or price on it.

So I told the cashier. She told me to look on the bottom, which I had allready done.

She said that there was *nothing* that she could do.

I then said, "So I can't buy it?"

And she replied that no, I wasn't able to buy them.


Here I am, holding an item, wanting to pay you for it, and you tell me "No"?

Part of me wanted to just leave the tray on the scanner and walk off, but I'm just not that rude.

So I took it back to the bakery.

And of course, I had to go out through the check-out area to avoid the blockade.
And when the cashier saw me leaving empty handed, she said "There weren't any more?"

And I'm all like, I told you that this was the only one. And she's all, well let me go and see what I can find. Maybe there's one in the back.

Too little, too late.

No, you allready told me that you weren't going to sell it to me.
Waiting for me to walk out the door with my money still in pocket is *not* the time to turn on the customer service charm.
If you had other options, you should have used them while I was holding the merchandise in my hand, when I wanted it. Not after I've given up.

Next time, I'm going back to Walmart.

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