Sunday, June 8, 2008

Are You My Klingon Mother?

This is the latest (final?) draft of my Klingon translation of "Are You My Mother?"
I used the boardbook version of the text, and the numbers corospond to the pages in that version.
Due to copyright rules, I have not included the English version.
For those of you unfamiliar with Klingon, the carrots "< >" are used in place of quotation marks " "" " to avoid confusion with the glottal stop " ' ". The astriks " * " marks a non-Klingon word.


(1)QImDajDaq ba' bo'Degh.
Sup QIm.

(2)jatlh bo'Degh:
<ghuvaD Soj vISuqnIS!>
vaj mej.

(3) QImDaqDaq Sup QIm.
'ej Sup
'ej Sup.
vaj pel'aQ vIghor ghu.

(4) jatlh:
<nuqDaq ghaH SoSwI''e'?>

(5)QImDaq mej.

(6)puvlaHbe' ghu.
'ach yItlaH.
<DaH SoSwI' vISam!>

(7)vIghro' tlhob ghu:
<SoSwI' SoH'a'?>
neH legh vIghro'.

(8) 'uSgheb tlhob ghu:
<SoSwI' SoH'a'?>
jang 'uSgheb:

(9)targh tlhob ghu:
<SoSwI' SoH'a'?>
jang targh:
<SoSlI' jIHbe'. targh jIH.>

(10)tangqa' tlhob ghu:
<SoSwI' SoH'a'?>
jang tangqa':
<SoSlI' jIHlaHbe'. tangqa' jIH.>

(11)mevmeH Qub.
SoSDaj chaHbe' vIghro' 'uSgheb je.

(12)SoSDaj chaHbe' targh tangqa' je.
jatlh ghu:
<SoS vIghaj.

(13)tIn Doch legh ghu.
jatlh ghu:
<SoSwI' SoHqu'bej!>

(14)jatlh tIn Doch:

(15)jach ghu:
<toH! SoSwI' SoHbe'.
*Snort SoH!>
ghu woH *Snort.

(18) vaj, qaS vay'.
SorDaq ghu tatlh *Snort.
juHDaq ghaH ghu!

(19) vaj chegh SoS.
jatlh ghu:
<SoH vISov.

(20)vIghro' 'uSgheb targh ghap SoHbe'.
tangqa' *Snort ghap SoHbe'.
bo'Degh SoH.
'ej SoSwI' SoH.>

DIvI' Hol © 1960 P. D. Eastman
tlhIngan Hol © 2008 naHQun

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