Sunday, June 8, 2008

My Son

Don't freak out that you didn't know I have a son!
He hasn't been born yet.
He's due October 25th.

My wife has been wondering if she's pregnant for *a while* now, and so when the home test finally *did* show positive, it didn't have that big of an impact.

But on Tuesday, we went in for her first ultrasound, and I got to see the baby growing inside her.
And it was just *so* wonderful.
And then we were told that we were having a boy, and it was just oh so overwhelming.

I am just so excited now that we're having another baby, it's "real".

I've known that my wife is pregnant for a while, it's obvious. But nothing beats seeing your baby on that monitor.
Well, nothing until you can actually hold them in your arms, but that post will come in late October.

And while I'm talking about babies, I compiled the following list of friends/family and their due dates:

sister-in-law: 9/?
friend-in-law: 10/19
wife: 10/25
best friend's wife (well he's not pregnant!): 11/27
sister-in-law 12/?
sister 12/24

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