Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I bought a meqleH off the back of a van #kli #tlh

Way back in 2004, I went to Starbase Indy. I didn't have very much money, and there wasn't very much to buy.
I browsed the tables in the dealer's room carefully, making sure that I bought just the right stuff.
There were two different booths with weapons. Neither of them had any Klingon blades. I asked table 1 if they had a meqleH, they did not. I didn't ask table 2.

Time went on, and I had spent my alloted cash.
I picked up a TNG PHASER universal remote, a Klingon lightswitch cover, and a TNG communicator for a friend.
It was about time to go when I was drawn back to table 2.
I browsed a bit, and then inquired after a meqleH.
I was told that they no longer carried them.

They then related a story:

A few conventions back, they had their table setup including *several* betleH.
Things were going along fine until the Paramount legal department showed up, with a few cops and some legal documents.

Paramount enforced their right to control their trademarked weapon, and took them all.
Hundreds of dollars of merchandise just walked out the door.

This obviously hurt their profit and their inventory.

They no longer bring such things with them--it's not worth it.

I was just about to give up ever finding a meqleH when (wait for it), I was told to hold on.

There was a private conversation to the side and then they came back to me.

"We have one in the van."

Turns out that when they were packing, a meqleH had been forgotten inside one of the totes, so when they unpacked at the convention, they left it in the van.

They gave me a price. I was estatic. (I called my wife)
A few minutes later, a man carrying a wrapped item came up. We stood around in a tight circle as he uncovered his wares. It was beautiful. Exactly what I wanted and more. I got weak in the knees.
I had seen some swords on e-bay, but none of them were right. This one was.
I agreed to the deal, made the payment, and they wrapped up my prize--tightly.
They put so much tape around the package, I thought I'd never get it out.
They told me to keep it sealed while at the Con, remove it from the Con imeadietly, and not to tell anyone where I got it.--and they meant it. They weren't going down for this.

I did as I was told.

I figure it's been long enough that I can tell this story now. I don't remember the name of the company or any details not listed in the story.

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qurgh said...

LOL, good story.

I think I've met that dealer. I was at a Con a number of years back and we heard that Paramount had raided another Con that was happening at the same time. All the dealers went crazy and hid all their wares that could have been on the "list".