Tuesday, February 3, 2009

New Policies May LOOK Pretty, but How Do They TASTE?

The notice says:

"Stop letting STAT drivers wait for meds more than 45 minutes. Dispatchers and Desk Personne (sic) are responsible for stopping driver wait time.

As soon as a driver approaches 45 minutes you are to cancel his run and assign him to a new run. No wait time pay.
Having a driver wait for hours is obscene let alone the money it is costing."

First, the way it used to work.

A driver is assigned a STAT to his Nextel, he then has 30 minutes to get to the Pharm.

On occasion (well, often), the Pharm will not have the meds ready, and the driver will have to wait. The first 45 minutes are free. After that, you start getting paid. I've seen drivers wait HOURS for a run. And while most of us prefer to be on the road, the wait time can be nice.

The way it LOOKS at first:

As you can tell, someone rejoiced at this news by writing "Happy New Year to us!" on the notice.
That's exactly what they want us to think.
If they're not supposed to let the drivers wait, that must mean that they're giving drivers runs. This'll be great. No more standing around for hours. It's almost garunteed to be out under 45 minutes.

Not quite.

The way it IS:

Driver is waiting. It hits 40 minutes. Driver has job TAKEN AWAY FROM HIM. Driver is given NEW job. THE CLOCK STARTS OVER AT *ZERO*!!!

That is what the notice says. It says nothing about the Pharm learning to be on time.

So the driver could be waiting for over 2 hours, and not make a dime.

It's a policy designed to save the Pharm some money while screwing over the drivers in the process.

They're going to lose drivers over this, and I'll think twice before accepting any STATS.

On a side note, the Pharm *could* use this money to pay more pharmacists. Then they'd be ON TIME and make their customers happy, but that would make sense.

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