Monday, February 2, 2009

I lost your number. Again...

Yes, almost a year later, I have once again lost all of the contacr info I had in my phone. I guess that plan I had to back it up never happened.

I have begun hunting down information in order to re-build my contacr list, but it's slow going.

So I'm asking for your help. After all, it's YOUR information I'm after, and I want it to be up to date.

You, of course, can disclose as little or as much about yourself as you want, but this is the info my phone has fields for (and I DO love being complete).

Name (Preferably your FULL name--especially my Hawaiian relatives)

Picture (Yes, both my phone AND my gmail let me store a picture of you. If you have one that you prefer, let me know.)

Company & Title (Not overly important, but interesting)

Phone numbers (home, work, cell, fax--whichever number you want me to have. Also, if you TXT or have Picture Mail, let me know. If you DO NOT want TXTs, that's also good to know. It's been a while since I've sent out a random TXT, but it happens.)

e-mail (probably the most important next to texting)

IM (I'm not on too often, but just in case)

website (got one? I'd love to check it out)

Address (So I can send you stuff. Letters, cards, etc.)

Birthday (I can't wish you a happy one if I don't know when it is... I realize it's a sensative subject for some, but I'd like the year too.)

Anniversary (You're married?! Congrats! When did it happen? And what happened to my invitation ;-) ?

And then my phone has some free-form areas. Do you have children? Names? Birthdays? Who'd you marry? Name? Birthday?

And of course anyrhing else you feel I may need to know.

And while I'm digging into your life, what social networks are you on? I'd love to be your friend there too! Have a blog? I'd love to read it!

(Do we have a mutual friend who doesn't read this blog? Please pass it along, I need their info too)

I plan to record this information on paper as well as in my phone, to serve as a back-up. I really am tired of losing my friends numbers.

What about me? Oh, I'll gladly give you all of my info, just not on a public blog.

e-mail me:

Or find me on: twitter, brightkite, facebook, or MySpace.

Note to my facebook friends: My contact info is on my profile.

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